1. Ethereal Rose and the colors of fall

    The Centurion Arms C4 10” rail is especially suited for SBRs and AR pistols, such as this 10.5” with a BE Meyers 249F flash hider.

    While slick rails are quite nice, quad rails provide a lot more flexibility, especially for folks who need to constantly adapt their weapons for changing mission profiles.


    Eotech EXPS 2-0, with built in QD mount and riser. Eotech’s latest generation of sights provide power commonality with common lights, and vastly increased reliability with its industry leading HUD reticle.


    SureFire, LLC's M300B is as strong as it is light as it is durable. I've had good luck mounting its less expensive cousins in inexpensive mounts as well… but there is no denying that the Scout Light is the most durable and efficient light system, especially with the flexibility of tail cap systems.


    Surefire SR07 and SR07 + Laser switches:


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