1. The Centurion Arms C4 Rail system is still tops for the quad picatinny rail system world. Strong, light, and cost effective, the “cut out” models for Carbine and Midlength FSB barrel is still my favorite quad rail.


    Gear Sector Mini Scout Light mount, we’ve got versions that a few generations older and priced to reflect that. These are still the toughest and most ergonomic mounts available. The one in the picture? I dropped a fully equipped rifle onto concrete five times… bent the bezel some but the light still works fine. The polymer light i was comparing it to exploded apart on the first drop.


    Surefire M300B Mini Scout Light

    Eotech XPS 2-0

    Law Tactical LLC Folding Stock Adapter, 3rd Generation. Fixed all issues found with earlier versions, and is stronger and more ergonomic

    Sig Sauer Pistol Brace, FDE

    Sig Sauer Pistol Brace

  2. Rin with the last URX III build we’ve got! 

    We mocked it up with a Macedon Defense KRAM upgraded Trijicon ACOG, and a Surefire Mini Scout light.

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  3. Olivia with an build featuring the BE Meyers 249F flash hider, 13.7” barrel, and built on a CMT Tactical lower receiver.

    We’ll be getting more of the new MELONITED 249Fs this week! Order now!


    One of the newest and most cost effective M-LOK rails in the business, the Parallax Tactical PXTreme MLOK rail is based off proven designs and technology, but with Magpul’s newest tech specs implemented.

    MLOK rail, available HERE

    MLOK light mount base

    MLOK Aluminum rail pieces

    3rd Generation Magnifier

    Eotech XPS 2-0

  4. Shemaghs are pretty handy, no lie. They keep you cool in summer, warm in fall and winter… and keep hot brass from searing your neck and back year round. 

    I always think shemaghs are silly… up until the moment I need em. Usually about an hour into direct exposure to sun, or 30 minutes into a carbine class. I get over the “look” and appreciate the hell out of the utility very quickly. 

    Figured if I was gonna sell em, I’d get premium Shemaghs made by Combat Flip Flops in Kabul, Afghanistan to support women’s education efforts.

    Available Here!

    Parallax Tactical Lightweight variant M-LOK rail system based off their proven FFSSR rail system, available HERE!

    MLOK Light Mount

    Macedon Defense KRAM upgrade for 

    M300V IR/White light capable mini scout light

  5. Ethereal Rose with one of the gunsmith’s personal rifles, built with Centurion Arms proven parts.

    Inspired by this art:


    Centurion Arms Modular Rail (CMR), still my favorite rail system on the market today. Ergonomic with its own unique and well supported accessory mounting systems, the CMR is one of the toughest yet most svelte rails around.

    CMR Available Here!

    Centurion Arms 14.7” CHF Barrel

    Cerakote your rail

    EXPS3-0 Holographic Weapon Sight, FDE

    B5 Systems Bravo Stock, FDE

    HSGI Leg Rig

  6. Little black dress, slick black rifle. 

    13.7” Carbine built with a 13.7” barrel and BE Meyers 249F flash hider. 

    Laser Devices DBAL and Surefire’s newly released IR/White Light capable M300V Mini scout light for use with night vision devices. 

    Eotech 3rd generation magnified with XPS holographic weapon sight

    Parallax Tactical M-LOK Rail, 13.5”

    Magpul MS4 sling

    Surefire M300V

    B.E. Meyers & Company, Inc. 249F Flash Hider

    Eotech XPS2-0

    G33 STS, 3rd generation magnified with an excellent flip to side mount

  7. tombstone-actual said: Do you guys offer AR-15 upper receiver assembly services? specifically uppers that will be using a URX rail?

    Sure do!


  9. Lis Krebs Makeup Artistry introduced me to this badass lady by first mentioning that she had an AK tattoo’d on her forearm… alright alright alright!

    Huma’s passion for rock climbing makes her unusually well suited for weapon handling. She’s toting a fully kitted out Hodge Defense Systems AU Mod 1, and you can build something similar using the top tier parts Hodge hand builds to exacting specs. We’ve got their complete uppers available here:


    For sighting, we went with a trust stalwart magnified combat optic (TA31F )upgraded with the Macedon Defense spacer which makes it far more ergonomic. 

    Macedon Defense KRAM upgraded Trijicon ACOG


    The ZeroBravo handstop is designed for use on Keymod systems, but it fits the Geissele Automatics, LLC Super Modular Rail family of rail systems as well! Just use a Geissele backing plate instead of the standard Keymod nut and you’re good to go!

    Magpul Industries Corp. MS4 Sling

    B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD stock

    SureFire, LLC SOCOM suppressor mount and flash hider

    Magpul PMAG, M3, Windowed

  10. Olivia with one of our demo rifles featuring a 13.7” barrel with a BE Meyers 249F, Parallax Tactical M-LOK (MLOK) 13.5” rail, and the new IR/White Light Mini Scout light (M300V) from Surefire!

    Lower by CMT Tactical

    Parallax Tactical MLOK 13.5” Rail

    M300V IR and White Light mini scout light

    EOTech XPS2-0 Holographic Weapon Sight

    Eotech G33 Magnifier