1. tombstone-actual said: Do you guys offer AR-15 upper receiver assembly services? specifically uppers that will be using a URX rail?

    Sure do!


  3. Lis Krebs Makeup Artistry introduced me to this badass lady by first mentioning that she had an AK tattoo’d on her forearm… alright alright alright!

    Huma’s passion for rock climbing makes her unusually well suited for weapon handling. She’s toting a fully kitted out Hodge Defense Systems AU Mod 1, and you can build something similar using the top tier parts Hodge hand builds to exacting specs. We’ve got their complete uppers available here:


    For sighting, we went with a trust stalwart magnified combat optic (TA31F )upgraded with the Macedon Defense spacer which makes it far more ergonomic. 

    Macedon Defense KRAM upgraded Trijicon ACOG


    The ZeroBravo handstop is designed for use on Keymod systems, but it fits the Geissele Automatics, LLC Super Modular Rail family of rail systems as well! Just use a Geissele backing plate instead of the standard Keymod nut and you’re good to go!

    Magpul Industries Corp. MS4 Sling

    B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD stock

    SureFire, LLC SOCOM suppressor mount and flash hider

    Magpul PMAG, M3, Windowed

  4. Olivia with one of our demo rifles featuring a 13.7” barrel with a BE Meyers 249F, Parallax Tactical M-LOK (MLOK) 13.5” rail, and the new IR/White Light Mini Scout light (M300V) from Surefire!

    Lower by CMT Tactical

    Parallax Tactical MLOK 13.5” Rail

    M300V IR and White Light mini scout light

    EOTech XPS2-0 Holographic Weapon Sight

    Eotech G33 Magnifier

  5. Maressa Fox as a Valkyrie with modern clothes and weaponry.  Vertx Pants and Solomon Quest boots, Hodge Defense rifle

    The Zero Bravo Reversible Hand Stop (RHS) was designed specifically for Keymod applications, but it fits the Geissele SMR family of rail systems PERFECT as well.  It’s a stout, simple hand stop that would be excellent for any lightweight utilitarian build

    Surefire M300V, the long awaited IR and White light capable mini scout light, is FINALLY available!  Available Here!

    Available Here!

    Magpul Gen 3, Windowed AR-15/M-16 Magazine

    Non Magnified weapon sights

    Magpul Industries Corp. MS4 Sling

  6. I knew we we would get along like peas in a pod when she told me that Sarah Connor was her role model.

    Shout out to Lis Krebs, Makeup Artist for putting this shoot together!

    Rifle Build Specs:

    FFSSR in 15”, Burnt Bronze

    SureFire, LLC M300B

    Silencerco Trifecta Flash Hider

    16” LW profile Barrel made by military contractors toSIONICS Weapon Systems's specs

    B5 Systems SOPMOD Stock

    Eotech EXPS3-0, in FDE

    Frank Proctor Way of the Gun sling

  7. Maressa Fox as a Valkyrie, with period weaponry.

    Much thanks to retired US Army Ranger, US Army Special Forces aka “Green Beret”, former JFKSWCS instructor, founder and lead instructor at InSights Training Center and all around War Nerd™ Greg Hamilton for lending us authentically made Viking era weapons.

    I was bit worried for a bit… where would I possibly find Norse era weaponry. But of course, but of course, Greg would have this stuff.

  8. Little black dress, sleek black rifle. 13.7” barrel with BE Meyers’s top ranked 249F flash hider. Pays to be the best, according to Joint Special Operations Command… developed for the navy’s SWCC, this flash hider was favored by SEALs, USASOC, UK SAS, and other top tier western commando units.

    And we were the first to bring it to the commercial market, thanks to the hard work of a few folks at BEM! 

    Special thanks to CMT Tactical for the lower receiver. Fully in spec, it’s the most hassle free billet lower we’ve ever run into: no issues with any of our magazines, any of our uppers, etc.

    This rifle is equipped with the newly released, Magpul Industries Corp. M-LOK standard rail system. With an intro price of just $139, this is currently one of the most affordable and strongest free float rail systems on the market, as well one of the sleekest.


    Trijicon ACOG upgraded with a Macedon Defense KRAM spacer for increased ergonomic capability.

    B.E. Meyers & Company, Inc. 249F Flash Hider, top tanked by JSOC and Vuurwapen Blog in terms of flash performance


  9. logicd:

    Link here to first pic

    >anti gun liberals and democrats


    What a buncha dumbasses who completely miss the point… And reinforce the NEED to have weapons to protect yourself from violent loons

    (via cerebralzero)

  10. Justine Marie with a Hodge Defense upper, equipped with a B5 Systems SOPMOD Stock and Eotech EXPS3-0 with G33 STS Magnifier