2. Rin with a Parallax Tactical 13.7” Barrel build and Claymore messenger bag inspired by the actual carrying bag used for Claymore antipersonnel mines and made with premium components

  3. Rin with a frame mounted safety Jericho 941.

    No big deal, just waited TEN (10) years to get one.  Israeli Army started surplusing them!

    Real Folk’s Blues

    Combat Flip Flops Claymore Bag


    Bellevue, WA (WO) - After talks between representatives from the two groups, the Attractive Girls Union (AGU) has decided to renew its contract with the 75th Ranger Regiment to afford special preference to members ofthe elite military unit.

    Since its formation in 1942 as specialized light infantry unit, the 75th Ranger Regiment has been known for having the most Hoo-Ah soldiers in the United States Army, and has a long, storied history of success in special operations as well as currying favor from members of the Attractive Girls Union.

    Sarah McKenzie Wilson, AGU Spokeswoman issued a statement:

    "After meeting with elected representatives from our various chapters, we were able to come to a unanimous decision regarding our long standing contract with the United States Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment"

    She continued,

    "Clearly, members of 75th Ranger Regiment come to the table with assets that are uniquely valued by our organization, such as maxed out APFT scores, though we hope members continue to expand their wardrobes beyond Article 15 Clothing T-shirts and smelly Multicam combat fatigues”

    This renewal of the Attractive Girls Union’s contract with the 75th Ranger Regiment comes as no surprise to industry insiders, who noted the AGU remains unwilling to enter negotiations with the Effeminate Anti-gun Males Union and Internet Warrior Association.

    File photo of union member Susan Coffey outfitted with Combat Flip Flopsgear and Ranger Regiment veteran equipped with a B.E. Meyers & Company, Inc. IZLID and pimped out AR featuring the

    Geissele Automatics, LLC SMR
    B5 Systems SOPMOD
    Surefire M300B

    generously provided by Weapon Outfitters

    Makeup by Attractive Girls Union member Lis Krebs Makeup Artistry


  5. lifetimemovieonaglobalscale said: Will you be getting any of the 30 cal QD brake shields for 51t mounts in black back in anytime soon?

    Should be back in stock in a week or so!


  6. thethirdharris said: In regards to women's tactical pants, what do you suggest and where can I find some? Id like to get my girlfriend some comfortable cargos that fit properly, are decent quality, and wont break the bank.

    Vertx and Under Armor ladies tactical pants work well.  Vertx is sized a bit small.

    Other than that, REI’s store brand and Kuhl pants are very good.  Heck, it’s what I see real life dark side lady badasses run anyway

  7. I remember the day this photo was shot. A rare civilian owned 416 upper with a cool cop FA lower, shot by Costa on the Douglas Ridge range in OR

    (Source: citizengunner, via hoplite-operator)

  8. Ethereal Rose with a High Speed Gear V2 Leg Rig

    Rifle leg rig

    Rifle and pistol leg rig

  9. Primary Weapons Systems Mk1, Mod 1 Premium uppers utilize a unique gas piston system to deliver clean running operation without the increased felt recoil found on short-stroke piston uppers. We’ve got the popular 14.5” versions with pinned flash hiders or muzzle brakes in stock!

    Flash Hider version of the Mk114

    Muzzle Brake Verison of the Mk114

    Frank Proctor/Way of the Gun Sling

    SureFire, LLC M300B Mini Scout Light

    EOTech G33, 3rd Generation Magnifier:

    B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD Stock:

  10. Ethereal Rose with a Hodge Defense Systems rifle

    Built by someone who’s BTDT, Hodge Defense is one of the best kept secrets in the industry.  Hodge has helped major companies such as Magpul and Geissele along the way during the GWOT, and maintains some of the best knowledge and connections in the small arms and special operations community today.

    HDSI, hand built top tier uppers here: http://bit.ly/HodgeDefense

    Eotech G33, 3rd Generation Magnifier

    SureFire, LLC SOCOM Flash Hiders

    Lancer Systems Advanced Warfighter Magazines