1. Ethereal Rose as everyone’s favorite pragmatic spy and most likely member of the Avengers.

    Centurion Arms C4 10”

    Eotech XPS 2-0: 

    Eotech G33, 3rd Gen magnifier with built in flip to side 

    Magpul Industries Corp. STR Stock: 

    Be sure to use our Carbine stock hardware kit when putting together your lower! Only the best parts available in the industry.  We don’t use cheap Turkish aluminum extrusions, aluminum castle nuts from Korea, or any other cheap, cost cutting, low quality materials that some other companies do

    Available Here

    Gemtech Silencer's TREK

    CMT Tactical Lower Receiver

  2. Kendra Bre dropped by the studio the other day.

    Experimented with a few lighting styles

  3. I’m selling the upper I built in the summer of 2013 and have used as my favorite upper since. 

    It was built specifically as a test best for the Centurion Arms Modular Rail (CMR) and to serve as a primary host for my Surefire SOCOM suppressor.  It’s been optimized for suppressor use with a AR Gas Vent and RTV sealed LWRC charging handle installed.

    It has served admirably on my many adventures, such as being demoed for a few dozen video game developers from Valve, at Pat Macnamara’s carbine class, or in countless photoshoots. 

    I’m selling it with the Surefire M300B, with 20% off everything since it’s well used, but in good condition.

    Available Here

  4. Ethereal Rose learning about the intricacies of the AR-15 operating system.

    Spent a whole day giving her the run down on everything related to lower receivers before I had her build up her own lower.

  6. If you’ve ever purchased anything from us, you’re no doubt familiar with Meredith!

    Meredith’s been with the company for almost 2 years, and in that time frame we’ve gotten a lot more efficient and capable thanks in no small part to her hard work.

    Meredith’s headed off to work in the non profit sector to help fight against sex trafficking/slavery, and I hope you will join me in wishing her all the best in this noble endeavor.  

  7. Bethypls

    With Gun.  Primary Weapon Systems Mk114:  Mk1 upper with 14.5” barrel and Triad flash suppressor

    The Primary Weapons Systems Mk1, Mod 1 is a evolutionary leap forward in piston based rifle design.  It utilizes a long stroke gas piston system (similiar to that of Sig rifles as well as the AK family) to minimize carrier tilt and avoid a sharp recoil impulse found in most other gas piston rifles.  The gas system is adjustable thanks to a knob on the barrel, which itself is a lightweight profile barrel treated with Melonite/Salt Bath Nitriding to harden the surface and ensure long service life and accuracy.

    A lightweight, free floating keymod rail system ensures accuracy and allows users to customize as needed.

    We’ve got a few of the Mk1 uppers available here:


  8. Bethpls

    No guns

  9. Ethereal Rose scans the horizon…

    Centurion Arms Modular Rail (CMRs) are thin, strong, and light and utilize lightweight and inexpensive polymer add on accessories.

    We’ll be getting a whole bunch of CMR accessories in this week, including the much awaited hand stop and limited edition OD green components.

  10. Susan Frikkin Coffey as Scarlett, with a pimped out gat.

    This upper recently sold, and is picture with a Harris Bipod, BE Meyers IZLID (military grade visible and IR laser), and Surefire SOCOM suppressor

    Geissele Automatics Super Modular Rail, Mk4 Mod 1

    Harris Bipods Suitable with AR-15s

    Surefire M300B Mini Scout Light