1. Maressa Foxm as Valkyrie.

  2. Willow, for Weapon Outfitters

    Upper: Primary Weapons Systems Mk114, (http://bit.ly/PWSMk114Triad)

    Handstop: ZeroBravo RHS, (http://bit.ly/ZeroBravoRHS)

    Light: Surefire M300B (http://www.weaponoutfitters.com/m300b-bk.html)

    Optic: Eotech XPS 2-0 (http://bit.ly/EotechXPS2-0)

    Magnifier : Eotech 3rd Generation G33 Magnifier (http://bit.ly/1fjQATL)

    Belt: Ares Gear, LLC Aegis Belt (http://bit.ly/AresAegis)

    Holster: Raven Concealment Systems
    Pistol: 2011, 5”, 9mm, OAF

  3. Ethereal Rose with a Primary Weapons SystemsMk114 with Triad flash hider and High Speed Gear Leg Rig

    Pictured Gear

    Backpack by Grey Ghost Gear

    Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Ear Pro

    HSGI Leg Rigs and Tacos

    PWS Mk1 Mod 1 upper. Melonited barrel, free float rail system, adjustable gas system, unique long stroke gas piston for reliable and clean operation with the same gentle recoil impulse of direct impingement weapons.

    Macedon Defense KRAM spacer/upgrade for Trijicon ACOGs makes the TA31 family of sights to really shine. By having the optic is a ergonomically friendly location, snap shots and deployment is vastly improved.

  4. Maressa Fox as a creature of Norse Mythology, updated for modern times.

    Fully articulating wings, 9 months in the making! 

    VG6 Precision Epsilon Muzzle Brake

    SLR Rifleworks SOLO LITE rail

    SIONICS 16” Barrel

    Frank Proctor Way of the Gun Multicam Sling

    Surefire M300B, Tan

  5. No matter the era, BALANCE is vital to a good weapon.

  6. Maressa Fox with a Burnt Bronze Parallax Tacticalbuild featuring the brand new Surefire M300V with white and infared illumination.

    Glad Maressa’s back in town for a short visit!

    Silencerco Trifecta Mount



    WO Hat
  7. Ethereal Rose’s personal rifle.

    Testing out the new Battlecomp one piece 51T suppressor mount/brake

  9. Ethereal Rose with a Dark Angel Medical, LLC medkit.

    It’s nice having basic medical equipment and training on hand just in case the unthinkable ever happens… after all, you can’t really stuff a GSW with PMAGs. We’re lucky to have a highly experienced/retired Army SOF Medic to give practical/useful information about trying to treat and survive trauma and GSWs in the 1st and 3rd world. 

    We’ll be carrying the DARK as well as the NOLATAC Firearms Training/HSGI Medical kit, along with a healthy disclaimer

    NOLATAC/HSGI Medical Kit: http://www.weaponoutfitters.com/hsgi-nolatac-medical-kit.html 

    Eotech G33, Third Generation Magnifier with quick detach, and quick flip side-to-side mount. This mount’s design is the zenith of magnifier mount design, and it does everything you want and nothing you don’t. 

    Magpul Industries Corp. PMAG

  10. Precision Rifle course with Magpul Dynamics